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Issue No 1



by Payton George

I sit down for my Zoom interview with founder of Idaho Fashion Week, Amanda Rouse. She answers from her Los Angeles apartment with a delicate necklace and spaghetti strap tank top and seemingly picture-ready after getting ready in less than fifteen minutes.

Amanda smiles brightly as she answers the phone, always giving the feeling that she’s meeting with a long-time friend she’s missed dearly. Her personality shines through in every moment we spend chatting together. 

Amanda Rouse grew up all over America being a military daughter. She explains all the ventures she has had the pleasure in doing while growing up as a homeschooled girl. When she graduated her original thought was to go to college to be an engineer but she soon realized it wasn’t the path for her. The right path had seemingly been there all along. 

So, what led Amanda to start producing Idaho Fashion week? Well, it wasn’t until she turned twenty-one that she thought to give the fashion world a try through modeling, after a long-time of being told she should try it. It was then that Rouse discovered her love of being on-set and part of productions. She humbly explains her love for sets, “I fell in love with the whole culture of it- I don’t necessarily see myself being like I love modeling, it’s being on set.”

A decade later, after Amanda had been in the likes of American Vogue and walked countless runways, she decided to take all she’s learned and form Idaho Fashion Week. Rouse explains that the goal for Idaho Fashion Week is to create a hub in Idaho for the industry. And Idaho is lucky to have her.

You can watch the interview HERE.


by Payton George

Jamie Cobb, Idaho Fashion Week’s lead make-up artists, gives us the trends to hop on and which to ditch for 2024!


Her first tip to watch out for, and definitely try is the Latex Lips that have the “Mirror Ball” shine to them. It is a must try for January! 

Another trend to keep going with: 90’s Supermodel Lips. Jamie recommends the MAC lip pencil in cork or chestnut top with MAC LipGlAss in Clear or Oh Baby.

And what should we ditch in 2024?

Jamie recommends ditching heavy lash extensions that ultimately end up making us look more tired than we are. Try opting for lighter, more feathered lashes!

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Watch Macy's fashion show here at the Jackson Jet Center in Boise. Styled by Kayla Reynolds, the personal Stylist Executive at Macy’s Boise.


by Payton George

Kenz Lawren is a model and influencer with a following of 1.5 million on TikTok alone. She’s the face of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sephora campaign and a certified trendsetter, creating sounds such as ‘I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be iconic’. Which you’ve probably heard if you’re not living under a rock. Her Instagram bio reads: ‘CEO of #modeltok’ and as a perpetual scroller on #modeltok, I can attest that it is both absolutely true and absolutely iconic.

So, I asked her what trends she’s excited to see in 2024 and this is what she said:

“Based off what I’ve seen in the fashion and beauty industry lately, I think it’s safe to say we’re going to see a lot of experimental, futuristic fashion using recycled and responsibly sourced materials that are sort of reinvented— like a pair of basic blue jeans reconstructed into a crop top or a blazer. Taking the things we already have in our closet and turning it into something new— that’s so exciting!!!”


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Rooney Mae is going back to the origins - sewing from a home studio and serving clients locally and online. Where it all began! 

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At Perpetuity, "We believe feeling good is more than skin deep. It goes beyond relaxed muscles, softer skin and a glowing, renewed energy. We believe the better you feel, the better you do, in your relationships, in your work, in your life. We believe in the power of self care. Take a moment for yourself, you won’t regret it."

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We are always looking to grow our team and connect with creatives. If you are interested to be a part of our next Fashion shows or the Idaho Fashion Week experience please send us an email letting us know how you'd like to be involved!

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